We are students at the Green School in East Williamsburg Brooklyn. This website documents our investigation of the New York City water system. For this project we partnered with HabitatMap and used the "Go With the Flow" toolkit to master maps based research methods and apply them to uncover the workings of New York City's water storage, filtration, delivery, and disposal infrastructures. We learned a lot and you can too by clicking through our map, looking at our photos, and reading our learning reflections.

The New Croton Aqueduct

by Decatur Gooden

Before I began this project, I was unaware of where NYC's comes from and how it traveled through various areas of the city. Now that it is finished, I’m aware of the whereabouts of how the NYC water system travels water through various areas of New York City by reservoirs, tunnels, pipes and aqueducts.

The Habit of Mind this project involves the most is Evidence because briefly it specifies the route and history of the New Croton Aqueduct and how it travels through the various areas of the city.

The aspect I felt was most useful was field trips and interviews of the numerous people who had exact interpretations of the evidence the research we were researching other then having to go online and look for solutions and results.

The specific aspect of the NYC Water System I investigated was the pathway the New Croton Aqueduct took through NYC. New understandings I will take away from my research is how much it takes just to get clear drinkable water into New York City homes.

This project connects to the 4 Core values of the Green school because the NYC Water System has to be Sustainabe in all accounts of Self, relationships with other companies, in order to have sustainable communities for water in society.