We are students at the Green School in East Williamsburg Brooklyn. This website documents our investigation of the New York City water system. For this project we partnered with HabitatMap and used the "Go With the Flow" toolkit to master maps based research methods and apply them to uncover the workings of New York City's water storage, filtration, delivery, and disposal infrastructures. We learned a lot and you can too by clicking through our map, looking at our photos, and reading our learning reflections.

NYC Water Cash

by Elias Alvarez

Water, H2O, let me hit you with Mr. O's,
he told me to write a poem about water resources
The greatest water supply, is used on my lovely New York City side
The first, second, and third tunnel
the best aqueducts running under
The N.C.A
born in 1890 in the month of July
Now imagine life without the New York City supply

Water plus population equals waste,
but there is a way for NYC to be safe
By keeping it clean, let me give you a hint,
we are human beings and we need H2O for being
Once the under ground H2O, was cholera water to go
We are not going back,
we gonna protect our Catskills water from attack 

Most people look at water and don’t think why does it matter?
Indeed when NYC signed it, it birthed the path to find it
Water is essential,
but it isn’t eternal
But thanks to NYCWT we can make sustainability!