We are students at the Green School in East Williamsburg Brooklyn. This website documents our investigation of the New York City water system. For this project we partnered with HabitatMap and used the "Go With the Flow" toolkit to master maps based research methods and apply them to uncover the workings of New York City's water storage, filtration, delivery, and disposal infrastructures. We learned a lot and you can too by clicking through our map, looking at our photos, and reading our learning reflections.

Project Reflection

by Valisha Edwards

What This Project Has Done for Me…
Before I began this project, I honestly didn’t really put much thought as to where our water came from & how we got it to NYC. Now that it is finished, I have a pretty good general idea of how it works.

Habit of Mind
I think the projects best connects to the Habit Of Mind "significance". Throughout this project Mr. O has told us to put one specific question in mind: Why should people care? We learned the importance of water these past few weeks and that is why I believe significance is most suitable for this project.

Which part of the process was most useful?
I don’t think one specific aspect of research was really more useful than the others. Everything we did in someway helped us during this project. The interviews & guest speakers encouraged us to look at others peoples point of view, the field trips gave us an inside look on how things were really done & the research helped us gain more facts on the certain parts of the system we had to look up.

What I researched…
The aspect of the NYC Water System I had to investigate was "Fresh Water & Surface Water". What I learned from researching this is that most of the time, when it rains or when the snow on the ground melts, that same water ends up in our sewers & pipes and eventually back into our faucets so its best we keep our streets clean so that our trash doesn’t contaminate our water.

Our Green School Four Values of Sustainability
This project connects to …
1. Sustainable Society because we learned how to positively contribute to how clean our water is.
2. Sustainable Self because we take care of us by taking care of the things around us. If our drinking water is clean then we wont get sick from it.
3. Sustainable Relationships because we increased our ability to communicate with others by going out & speaking to NYC residents and workers of the plants.
4. Sustainable Community because we actually went out into our neighborhood and saw what was really going on.